Selasa, 15 Desember 2015

XO Kopitiam (XO Group)

The Story Of Kopitiam: Recently a new breed of “modern” kopitiams have sprung up. The popularity of the old fashiond outlets along with society’s obsession with nostalgia and increasing affluance has led to the revival of the pseudo-kopitiams. The new kopitiams are fast food outlets which are reminiscent of the old kopitiams in terms of decor, but are usually built in a more modern, hygienic setting such as a shopping mall rather than in traditional shophouse, catering mainly for young adults.

XO Kopitiam (XO Group)
Alamat: Jl. Imam Bonjol 150, Semarang Jawa Tengah Indonesia. [Samping Hotel Bali]
Nomor Telepon: (024) 3547757.
Menu Dim Sum, BBQ, Malaysian Cuisine, Roti Tisu, Roti canai, Bubur Seafood, Bubur Ayam Iris, Cakue, Penang Rojak dan lain lain.

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